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HS-5034-RUB Rub Fastness Tester
This machine is designed for determining the damage and color transfer of materials such as upper materials, leather, plastics and textiles. 

There are 5 test methods such as dry, wet, perspiration, alcohol and organic solution. The specimen is assessed against the gray scale after rubbing against the rotating wool felt. This machine has the memory function, and can save the current data even if power cut or stop occurs.

Standard:SATRA PM8


Specimen 60×60mm or Ø60mm
Test Speed 149±4.8 cpm
Load 7.1±0.2N 24.5±0.5N
Wool Felt Pad outside dia.25±1mm,bore dia.3±0.5mm, Density 190±20kg/m3
Dimension(W×D×H) 25×38×47cm
Weight(approx.) 40kg
Power 1∮﹐AC 220V, 50Hz,1 A (Specified by user)

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