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HS-5516 Elastic Tape Fatigue Tester

The instrument is designed for measuring the extensibility and repeatability of elastic tape, cloth and other elastic materials under the maximum stretch.

Using ecceantric wheel to conduct repeating movement that stretches the elastic material to the maximum extension. Periodically, check and inspect the condition of material. Stop the test when the specimen is suffered severe abrasion more than the expectation, or until the counter reaches a set value.

Standard:SATRA TM103


Item Specifications
Speed 65± 5 rpm
Stroke of movable grip 0~200 mm
Grip width 140mm
Timer LCD Display 0~999,999
Dimension (approx.)W*D*H 65cm×44cm×41cm
Power 1∮ AC 220V  2.5A or specified by customer

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