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HS-100WA Color Assessment Cabinet
Due to the different light source, illumination, it is not easily to get an uniform environment for users to make accurate color decisions.

HS-100W is the tool for evaluating color quality and uniformity. It is designed with five different light sources to provide users a standard illumination to detect metamerism.


Light Source
D65    International Standard Artifical Daylight 6500K
TL84   Fluorescent. Store light in Europe   4000K
CWF   Cool White Fluorescent.Store light in US 4150K
F   Incandescent. Home light   2700K
UV      Ultraviolet Lamp   365 nm
Hour Meter LCD display, 0~999.999 hours
Dimension ( W×D×H )
Weight (approx.)
1∮,AC 220V,50Hz

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