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HS-5034-ES Iultcs Rub Fastness Tester

This machine is designed for determining the colorfastness of leather, plastics and textile materials.The colorfastness is assessed by checking change in color of the specimen and stain of the felt after rubbing the specimen. Both dry and wet tests can be made by this machine, which has the memory function.

Standard:ISO-11640、QB/T 2537、SATRA PM173

Specimen 120×20mm
Stroke 35±2mm
Test Speed 40±2cpm
Extension of the spedmen clamping tension 0~20%
Counter LCD,0~99,999,999
Dimension(W×D×H) 28X48X54cm
Weight(approx.) 70kg
Power 1∮﹐AC 220V, 50/60Hz,3 A (Specified by user)

The machine with double-set grip in accordance with Adidas GE-29 is also available

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