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HS-5012-E shoelace abrasion tester, shoelace wear testerm test machine, test equipment
It is applicable to the abrasion resistance test of shoelaces made by cotton, flax, chemical fiber, etc.

Test method: Two shoelaces are installed crosswise in such a manner that both ends of one shoelace are fixed to the reciprocating moveable clamp and one end of the other shoelace is fixed to the other clamp, and the other end is connected to a weight through the pulley. The reciprocating movement of the moveable clamp makes the intersected shoelaces to rub against each other. You can set the test interval, and the machine will stop work when the test cycles have been reached. This machine will continue to work when the test interval has been reached. When the test cycles have been reached or the specimens break during testing, you can determine the abrasion resistance of the specimen.


Spacer 4 sets
Weight 1000 ± 3g, 4 sets
Test speed 60±1cpm
Space 310mm~345mm
Stroke 35±2mm
Dimension (W×D×H) 55 cm × 57 cm × 50 cm
Weight 66kg
Power 1∮,  AC 220V, 50Hz ( Specified by user)


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