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HS-5034-T Ink decoloring testing machine

This machine is designed for determining the rubbing resistance of the printing ink on the printing product. The rubbing paper is wrapped around the rubbing finger, which rubs the surface of the specimen to-and-fro at a given speed and pressure. The rubbed specimen and the rubbing paper are checked for their staining grades, or the specimen surface is checked for the pile or wear.

Standard: TAPPI-UM 487


Load 2 lb,4 lb
Abrasion Space 57.15mm round arc locus
Abrasion Hammer 50.8 × 50.8mm
Abrasion Speed 43±2rpm
Counter LCD,0~999,99999
Load error ±1%
Stroke error ±1mm
Dimension(W × D × H) 28 × 29 × 38cm
Weight (approx.) 30kg
Power 1∮, AC 220V,50/60Hz,3A (Specified by user)

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