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HS-5001-DS Computer servo system carton compression tester

It`s used for measuring the resistance of cartons, containers, etc to compression. It uses the dynamic pressure-holding technology to simulate the stacking test so as to know the resistance of pacing materials to compression during transporting and stacking. It employs the Load cell as the sensing device, and displays the resistance values directly via computer.

Standard: GB/T 4857.4、JIS-Z0212、TAPPI-804


Capacity(optional)   20,50,100 kN
  Unit(Switchable)   Kgf,lbf,N,kN,kPa,Mpa
  Load resolution   1/200,000
  Load accuracy   Within±0.5%
  Test space(L × W × H)   1200 × 1200 × 1000mm or specified
  Display method   U62 Dedicated software
  Speed of compression   0.001~200mm/minadjustable
  Speed accuracy   ±0.5%
  Motor   AC Servo motor
  Dimension(W × D × H)   Main Unit   196×120×199 cm
  Computer/Desk  109× 65 × 116 cm
    Weight(approx.)   Main Unit   1240kg
  Computer/Desk   60kg
  Power   3∮, AC220V,50/60HZ,15A/3∮,AC 380V,50/60HZ,12A(specified by user)

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