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HS-5074-AD Racket twisting strength testing equipment
This machine is designed to determine the resistance of badminton racket and tennis racket to twist. A racket is tested in such a manner that the handle is fixed and a given torsion or torsion angle is applied. The torsion sensor detects the torsion and the rotary encoder detects the angle. Together with the U25 controller,it returns to the zero point to check the damage of the racket.

This machine uses the accurate torsion sensor and rotary encoder to accurately detect the torsion and rotation angle. The U25 controller is used for controllingthe test system so that you can set test conditions as you wish.

It is convenient to clamp the specimen. The torsion speed can be set to a givenrange, and the torsion direction can be set based on your test requirements.

Standard: QB/T 2770


Indicator U25 (can display torsion , angle , rotation rate of angle)
Capacity 100 N
Max. torsion angle ±35°
Torsion speed 90~180 °/min
Angle resolution 0.1°
Force resolution 1/50,000
Distance between the clamped position and the head of the racket frame 110±5mm
Dimension(W × D × H) 160×60×106 cm
Weight 103 kg
Power 1∮ , AC 220V, 50/60 HZ(Specified by user)

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