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HS-5063-B Tennis racket fatigue tester
This machine is designed to measure the fatigue limit of a tennis racket tested unidirectionally. The cylinder applies a pressure to the tennis racket repeatedly until it breaks. The number of tests at break is recorded or the life span is determined after completion of the test.

The span of this machine can be adjusted according to the size of the tennis racked used. An air pressure source is used for applying pressure to the tennis racket in one direction. It will automatically stop after the set value is reached.

30~100 kgf adjustable
Test speed
60~120 cpm adjustable
Clamping distance
150~500 mm adjustable
LCD, 0~999,999
Dimension(W × D × H)
100 × 52 × 143 cm
Weight (approx.)
185 kg
1∮,AC220V,50/60 HZ (Specified by user)
▌Accessories such as the different grips, elongation measuring-devices..., etc. are equipped according to the requirements specified in the contract; our sales representative will also give the proper suggestions to the customers beforehand.  

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