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HS-5003-BL Large-size drop testing machine
This machine is designed for determining the resistance to impact of packed products during transporting so as to evaluate the capability of the package to protect its contents.

The specimen is raised to a specified height and then drops freely to impact the workbench. The base of the workbench is made of an impact resistant material, which is hard to be deformed during impacting.


Raise range 200~1500 mm
Test Spece(L×W×D) 2200×1600×2000mm
Loading capacity 150kg
Motor Height adjustment 1/4HP
Width adjustment 1/4HP
Controller Can control the falling height, the release automatically and the distance between wing plates.
Dimension(W × D × H) Main Unit:335×165×250cm
Control box:55×40×135cm
Weight(Approx) 2500kg
Power 1∮, AC 220V,50/60HZ,7A (Specified by user)

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