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HS-5003-B1 Drop testing machine

It is designed for determining the damage to the packaged contents after being dropped so that the manufacturer can know how to take measures effectively to protect Its products against damage during transportation. During dropping, the carrier will rotate to allow the packed products to fall freely.lt can test the faces, edges and corners of the product, with small vibration, and stable and reliable operation.

Standard: ASTM-5276、GB/T 4857.5


Raise range 200~1500 mm, 400~1650 mm (optional)
Adjustable space(L × W × H) (220 ~1080) × 760 × (200~1500) mm ,
(220~1080) × 760 × (400~1650) mm(optional)
Max loading capacity 60kg(approx.)
Motor Height adjustment 1/4HP
Width adjustment 60W
Dimension(W × D × H) Main Unit:190× 134× 218cm
Control Unit:35× 32× 112cm
Weight(Approx) 670kg
Power 1∮, AC 220V,50/60HZ,5A(Specified by user)

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