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HS-5002-DL Large-size vibration tester

This machine is designed for determining the resistance of large-size products to vibration during transporting, as well as the damage to the packed products during vibrating. This machine is driven by a speed-adjustable inverter motor, belt and chain, so it can be operated stably and smoothly, and has a powerful load capacity. It is characterized by the stable operation, powerful loading capacity, convenient operation and safety. The time for vibration can be set to allow the machine to stop automatically.


Loading capacity 1000 kg
Max sample height 2000 mm
Vibration mode up and down
Amplitude 25.4 mm
Vibration speed 100~300 rpm (adjustable)
Size of Vibration table 240×150cm
Counter 0~9,999 hour (adjustable)
Motor 15KW
Dimension(approx.)(W×D×H) Main Unit:240x150x190 cm
Control box:60x40x135 cm
Weight(approx.) 2400kg
Power 3∮, AC 380V,50/60Hz(Specified by user)

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