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HS-5017-MO3 Ozone aging test chamber
This tester are designed to automatically control the oven`s ozone concentration to a level preset by the operator. 

It incorporates an integrally mounted ozone monitor which employs te ultraviolet absorption principle for ozone measuremet. It`s easy to operate and maintain; in addition, operating chemical free is an advantage over the other systems.


Temp. range Room temp. +10℃~100℃
Ozone concentration 25、50、100、150、200、250pphm
Turntable speed 5~10 rpm
Temperature accuracy ±1.0℃
Ozone accuracy ±10% F.S
Dimension (W×D×H) Interior 40×40×45 cm
Exterior 86×80×130cm
Weight (approx.) 180kg
Power 1∮,220V,50/60Hz (Specified by user)

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