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HS-5012-T   TABER Type Abrasion Tester

This machine is designed for determining the resistance of cloths, paper, paints, plywood, leather and natural rubber to abrasion.The test is made by abrading the specimen against the sand wheel. You can connect this machine to a vacuum cleaner.

Standard: ASTM-D1044、ASTM-D3884、DIN52347、DIN53109、ISO-5470-1、TAPPI-T476


Load 250g、750g、1000g
Rotating speed 60±5 rpm,70±2 rpm
Counter LCD, 0~99,999,999
Dimension (W×D×H) 32 × 42 × 27 cm + vacuum cleaner
Weight 20 kg (w/o vacuum cleaner)
Power 1∮,AC220V, 50/60Hz,3A(Specified by user)
Optional accessory GT-7012-T1 Trim machine of grinding wheel

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