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HS-AI-1000 Desktop tensile strength tester

This instrument is designed to measuring tension, tearing strength, peeling force, etc., for low strength materials including plastic film, plastics, cell phone cable, textile fiber, paper, rubber, food packaging, wire rope, stainless steel wire, copper foil, etc. 

Capacity (optional)
control system
Servo motor with computer system
Load Resolution
1/200,000 (or 1/300,000 )
Load Accuracy
Load Range
Rangeless (full scales at the same amplification)
Stroke (exclude the grips)
500 mm
Communication Interface
Test Speed
0.0001~500 mm/min
Speed Accuracy
Stroke Resolution
0.00004 mm 
Computure Acquisition Frequencye
200 times/sec
Dimension (W×D×H) Main Unit
35 × 40 × 105 cm
Weight (approx.) Main Unit
50 kg( exclude the grips)
1∮, 220V,50Hz or specified by user

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