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HS-5052-H30 Digital charpy impact tester

This machine is designed for determining the energy absorbed by a metal specimen after being impacted by a specified weight at a given angle so that you may estimate the toughness of various metallic materials.

Standard: ISO 148、GB/T22


Capacity 30kg-m or 300J
Ascending angle 146°
Accuracy 0.05°
Striker weight 22kg
Distance from striking center 750mm
Axis height 1100mm
Angle detection High-precision decoder, 1800P/r
Releasing device Motor linkage
Braking device Step motor driven slipway system or cylinder system
Controller and controlling method PLC and color Touch screen
Elevating device Braking motor together with reducer with high gear ratio
Exterior dimensions 208×77×193cmmm(L×D×H)
Power 1∮,AC220V,50/60Hz(Specified by user)


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