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HS-CHT Thermal shock test chamber (Air to Air Type)
The thermal shock tester is adopted for testing material structure or composites. The resistance of a material to extremely high temperature and low temperature is instantly measured at a continuous shock environment. In other words, the chemical change or physical damage of the material as a result of thermal expansion and contraction is measured in the shortest time. Objects to be tested include metals, plastics, rubbers, electronic components, etc. Test results can be used for references for future improvement of product.

Touch screen functions
-■ Color LCD, dialog-based HM I.
-■ Directly display set value (SV) and process value (PV) of temperature.
-■ Can display the number, segment, remaining time and cycle times of the current working program.
-■ Time accumulating function.
-■ Can display temperature`s set value and value via a curve.
-■ 3 types of programs with individual program editing page.
-■ Can dynamically display the program action.
-■ 16-segment backlight adjustment.
-■ Can set screensaver time or manually disable screensaver.

-■ Standby function, can save power.


System Balanced Temperature control system
Msx. Load Power 15KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 20KVA
Temp. Range Test Chamber -40°C~150°C within5 min -55°C~150°C within5 min
Low Temp Chamber -55°C~-10°C  -65°C~-10°C  
Heat Temp Chamber Room temp. ~200°C    
Heating up time Room temp. ~200°C within 25 min 
Cooling down time Room temp. ~-65°C within 70 min 
Temp. Fluctuation ±1.0°C
Temp. Uniformity 2.0°C
Temp. Tolerance ±3.0°C
Interior Dimensions (W×H ×D) cm  45×40×40 60×50×50   70×60×60 80×80×75 45×40×40
Interior Material Frosty stainless steel
Exterior Material Stainless steel baking finsh
Insulation Glass wool/Rigid polyurethane foam
Refrigeration System Water-cooled hermetic sealed compressor and cascade refigeration system
Safety Devices Refrigerator over loadrelay,High and Low pressure switch, leakage bread,Overhe at protevto, Protecto relay, Protection fuse, Air circlator protector, Alarm
Dimensions (W×H ×D) cm 148×203
Spceimen Loading Weight (kg)  5 10  15
Power 3∮,AC380V±10﹪,50/60Hz(Specified by user)

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