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HS-5049-DH2 High temperature creep (compression type) testing chamber

This machine is designed for determining the creep of a specimen at a constant load and temperature, specified time and continuous compression. The creep increment, creep index and compliance increment of the vulcanized rubber can be determined.


Control Method PLC+HMI
Temp Range Room Temperature +10℃~250℃
Temp lnaccuracy θ≤100℃:±1℃;100<θ≤250℃:±2℃
Testing Specimen 3Sets
Deformation range 0~10.00mm
Deformation error ±1.0%
Deformation resolution 0.01mm
Weight Range TYPE A(430N.540N.750N.1200N.3300N.7300N)error:±1%
TYPE B(80N.100N.140N.220N.600N.1300N) error :±1%
lntrnior(W×D×H) 600×180×200mm
Dimension(W×D×H) 760×640×1830mm
Power 1∮220V50/60Hz( specified by user)
Presser 0.3~0.6Mpa

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