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HS-5001-HCM Permanent Creep Tester

This machine is mainly designed for determining the movement of materials at different temperature (-70℃~100℃), and the lasting creep properties of materials after applying force


Temperature range -70℃~100℃
Capacity 100kg
Test group 3 groups
Creep travel Max. 60mm(Min. resolution: 0.01mm)
Load 5kg~100kg, accurate to1kg
Drive system Combined weights
Control system PLC+HMI
Cooling system Two-stage,hemetic compressor
Temperature control mode BTC and PID-controlled SSR
Interior (W×D×H) 580×250×640㎜
Dimensions (W×D×H) 120×90×230cm
Power supply 3∮,AC 380V 50Hz (or user-defined)


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