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HS-5055-AD Digital tear strength tester

This machine is applicable to measure the tearing strength of various papers. A specimen of given size is fastened in the clamps and tear is started by cutting a slit in the specimen between the clamps. The pendulum is then released and the specimen is torn along the slit. The work performed by tearing a length of specimen is converted to the tearing force automatically。

Standard: ASTM D5734、ASTM D1424、ISO 4674-2-040、GB/T 3917.1


Capacity 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400 g
Unit %, millinewtons, g
Display HMI
Angle Sensor Digital Encoder
Display Resolution 0.05°
Max. Data Storage 30 records
Clamping Method Pneumatic
Grip Distance 2.8 mm
Power 1∮  AC 220V (specified by user)

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