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HS-5017-EU Automatic air exchange type aging testing chamber

This machine is applicable to determing properties of the wire isolator or plastic or rubber jacket of wire. etc. before and after heating. Changes in specimen such as discoloration, split, shrinkage, extension, residual rate, etc. are checked before and after testing so as to know the aging properties. Both temperature and ventilation rate of the test chamber are controllable accuragely and stably to meet test requirement.

Standard: ASTM D5374-93、ASTM-D5423、GB/T 7141、JIS-K7212-1999( A)、UL 746B(2)


Temp. Range Room temp. +10~300°C
Temp. Fluctuation ≦±0.5°C
Min Reading of Temp. 0.1°C
Temp. Precision ≦2.0°C
Heating Method Hot-Air Circulation (Electric-heating SCR control)
Display and PLC+HMI
Heating Speed Room temp ~200°C within 40min
Air-Change Rate 50~200 times/hr adjustable
Speed for the Rotation Tray 5~10 rpm
Intenior (W ×D×H) 60 ×60×60 cm
Dimension (W ×D×H) 138 ×94×187 cm
Weight (approx.) 450kg
Power 1∮,AC220V,50/60Hz (Specified by user) 

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