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Pressure testing machine maintenance steps

Pressure testing machine is widely used in cement, manhole covers, bricks, pipes and other material performance testing, the high-tech products we should be maintained on a regular basis after the purchase, maintenance steps to give you a brief introduction of:
1. Observe the fuselage of the oil level of oil pool and oiler whether lubricating oil is lower than the scale line as low should be timely;
2. Check the fuselage crankcase cross rail in the place such as suction exhaust cutting cover temperature;
3. Regularly check pressure regulator or load regulator, security cutting is sensitive.
4. Periodically check in presence of clutter even motor conductive objects, coil has been damaged, stator and the rotor for friction, otherwise the motor starts makes the motor burn out;
5. Check the cylinder at all levels and the action of moving parts, "hear" seriously, whether it works normally, if discover the abnormal sound, should immediately stop check the line;
6. The lubrication used confidential precipitation filtration. Compressor oil to use difference between winter and summer
7. Pay attention to all levels of pressure gauge, air tank and cooler on the pressure gauge and pressure testing machine lubricating oil pressure gauge indicating value is within the scope of the provisions;
8. Regular pay attention to the compressor and its equipment and environmental health;
9. Propane tanks, coolers, are often sent out oil-water separator;
10. Pay attention to the rise of temperature of the motor, bearing temperature and pressure testing machine voltmeter and ammeter indicates whether normal, electric current shall not exceed the rated current of the motor, if more than, should stop check and find out why;
11. Check whether the vibration, pressure testing machine with or without ground screw loose and fall off phenomenon;
12. Check the oil supply situation, mechanism of lubrication system oil supply situation; Cylinders, packing available one-way cut oil drain to check, can check the oiler to oil in the cylinder;
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