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How to install the hydraulic universal testing machine

The installation of the hydraulic universal material testing machine, repair and maintenance:
1 the preparation before installation
(1) the hydraulic universal material testing machine should choose installed in a clean, dry, no vibration and room temperature can be controlled in room (10 ~ 35 ℃. And room should have enough space to keep around the machine more than 70 cm space for testing and maintenance.
(2) the hydraulic universal material testing machine installation location down to dig a pit, size is longer than the hydraulic universal material testing machine base, each more than 50 cm wide, depth of not less than 30 cm.
(3) in the pit water strength grade is less than the concrete of C20, set aside when pouring concrete anchorage ground screw holes and install circuit, sensor of the pipe. Concrete foundation plane application level leveling.
(4) three phase four wire power supply, hydraulic universal material testing machine should be installed air switch and power leakage protection devices. Should be greater than 150 cm off the ground wire, wire should be installed on the manual switch to control the machine power supply.
2 machine installation accuracy of correction
Main body should use hydraulic universal material testing machine frame level or borrow the attached line hammer in two vertical directions in correcting the verticality of the post, in the main body at the bottom of the insert small plate method. Pack good ground screw, and if it brings spring washer. With high strength of cement mortar poured around the foot screw hole, and filled the machine with the ground around the gap between sprinkler maintenance for more than a week, solid screw again.
3 connections in the hydraulic system
(1) removed by binder, clean with clean kerosene oil pipeline, especially the root of the tubing connectors thread.
(2) check whether the joint gasket is complete, if produce damage due to transportation, should use testing machine with new washer installed, in case when the high pressure oil leakage.
(3) using the appropriate wrench to connect the tubing, if it is a seamless copper pipe should connect the host, and depend on the movement of the console to adjust the spacing to connect to control you.
(4) to release the residual oil, and within the tank and remove residue in the tank.
Hydraulic control box (5) open the gate, you can see the screen filter, through this filter when loading into the tank. Machine with hydraulic oil, usually in the summer should use large hydraulic oil viscosity, viscosity smaller hydraulic oil should be used in winter.
(6) refueling must closely pay attention to the height of oil level. Low oil supply testing machine can not work normally, too much oil can cause hydraulic oil leak from the work of oil crock mouth.
4 electrical installation
The hydraulic universal material testing machine as the main body in the three-phase 380 v power supply voltage and electrical use plug connection between hydraulic control box. Should open the gates of hydraulic control box prior to power connection, check all wiring for loss, whether the fuse is loose, clean the electrical box dust and debris. Confirmed after device has been connected to the power supply circuit, according to the hydraulic control box "power" button on the panel, the indicator shows has open power supply information retrieval. Open the oil pump, check whether the oil pump operation direction and the direction of the arrow is consistent, such as opposite to exchange any two root connected position, then click move jaw elevator button, take out the counter the cushion block, unscrew send rose oil valve piston, with reference to subject column on the ruler to check if the piston stroke limit switch.
5 hydraulic universal material testing machine
(1) turn off the oil pump motor, turn the pump on MS plug above, the air in the discharge pump (with a small amount of oil outflow), after row of net air spinning cotton waste, start the pump and lift the oil cylinder piston, the air in the pipe net.
(2) the cold bending bearings to isometric, both sides will be subject to the moving beam lifting don't meet;
(3) under the bedplate are installed on the spherical clamp, lifting moving beam clamp up and down about 20 mm apart;
(4) start the oil pump, close the oil return valve open to send oil valve make bedplate rise, slowly increase the pressure;
(5) check whether there is any oil on the tubing connector,
(6) such as oil leakage, discharge power connector on the tight oil, materials.
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