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Electronic universal testing machine

Electronic universal testing machine is a high performance testing equipment, can do all kinds of test its key lies in the choice of fixture. Good fixture is important, but in its use after the attentive and use maintenance is also important, here are all aspects of the matters needing attention:
1. Check the electronic universal testing machine fixture to see if there is any breakage;
2. Regular inspection of electronic universal testing machine, pressure gauge is accurate records of clamping device of air pressure and oil pressure;
3. If the electronic universal testing machine gripper has worn, damaged or soiled, to timely replacement clip surface;
4. Do not use more than required clamping force, as long as it can provide reliable, sliding fixed;
5. Electronic universal testing machine fixture clamp sample always fill in to glue on the load sensors;
6. Preheat load sensor for at least 15 min;
7. Once in the appropriate position gripped sample, don't change the balance or beam position control points;
8. Use the load protection function to protect samples from damage, if the sample loading is less than the range, please consider to use smaller load sensor;
In addition to the above considerations, in the daily work of the electronic universal testing machine should also keep the environment clean and tidy, dry (also easy to skid when environment is too damp fixture), regular cleaning fixture and use manufacturer advice at the right level of lubricant to the lubrication parts, reduce the clamping parts damaged, make sure holding work, to ensure the accuracy of test results.
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